About J & S Office Installers and Movers, Inc.

When you need to design, furnish, install, or relocate your work environment, let J & S Office Installers And Movers, Inc. save you time and money by managing and executing every step of the furnishing process.

It is our goal to deliver seamless office transitions through accurate planning, reliable service, and full attention to detail.

J & S was founded with the goal of providing exceptional levels of service to businesses in New England.

At J & S, our courteous, uniformed, certified office furniture installers will handle and complete your project in a professional manner. From our attention to detail to our documentation, we take pride in leaving a positive impression with as little disruption to your workplace as possible.

J & S  is also a preferred provider and member in good standing of a nation wide organization that electronically links independent installation companies – coast to coast. Each of these installation companies subscribes to a standard operating procedure that assures you of a complete and competent job – every time.

For your next installation project, we hope you will look to us to provide the experience and dependability to ensure a safe, efficient, and timely project.

Here’s what sets J & S apart:

  • Our Experience. J & S management has over 20 years continuous experience planning and executing furniture projects for the ever changing New England business community.
  • Our Proficiency. Experience and training allow our crews to work quickly and efficiently. Unforeseen obstacles such as site irregularities or last-minute design changes can occur, and our extensive experience enables us to offer creative solutions without compromising the quality of the work.
  • Our Focus on safety. J & S focuses on personnel safety and property protection on our customer’s job sites. To ensure our employees and our customers are protected, J & S provides full insurance coverage including full Umbrella, General Liability and Vehicle insurance coverage provided by A++ carriers in addition to Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability. JS coverage meets or exceeds all Class A commercial office building standards.
  • Our full-service approach. Often a project involves more than just installation of cubicles. From reconfiguration of existing product to moving contents and coordinating with electricians and data cabling vendors, J & S offers a variety of services to support your business during a transition.

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